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Hello stranger – and soon to be – friend,

My name is Lewuga Benson (the one in the cool, retro blazer in the above photo) and I am a Media major and Theater minor at the University At Buffalo. My goal is to someday become a professional cinematographer. For now, however, I’ve created this platform to express some of my creative writing styles and progressive ways of looking at things.

The goal of writing, in my opinion, is to create wonderful stories that excites, inspires and, hopefully, transports people to alternative realities. Conversely, what you will discover within my work, if you haven’t rescued yourself already, is exactly that. Additionally, I am confident that my progressive outlook on life and my creative writing styles, will not only provide you with a unique, honest and fresh perspective on things, but it will certainly get you to think differently about certain issues/topics as well.

In light of the aforementioned, I think it’s sufficient for you to know that I have written many articles for the Buffalo NewsPaper and I have also been featured in the Wall Street Journal. Having said that, I trust that both the aforesaid has instilled some kind of confidence in me and my work. But if it did not, that’s completely fine. I will not be offended.

If you consider yourself to be a liberal-progressive, like I am, and you feel like you will find my content enriching—that’s fantastic. But if you’re new and wondering if this platform is for you—-I welcome you with open arms and encourage you to stay just for a while longer. I promise it will be worth it.

In addition to those things, I am also available for any opportunities—like, providing contributing articles, participating in expert interviews, and sharing my quotes or ideas for your blog, newspaper, organization, etc.

Here’s how to get in touch with me for any of those aforementioned opportunities;

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Email: Lewuagbe@buffalo.edu

In the meantime, thank you for being here and don’t forget to enjoy yourself and read!

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