Hillary Clinton, Get Lost


Aren’t we tired of politicians lying to us for our votes and doing nothing for us once they are elected? Shouldn’t we have the right to demand for fairness and integrity from our politicians…and receive it?

If your response to the latter was anything shy of, “your damn right!” then you must be fine with it being business-as-usual for Hillary Clinton and her comrades at the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Before I continue any further, it’s necessary to point out that my frame of reference is geared towards those who supported Bernie Sanders but were on the fence with Hillary Clinton.

Thus, If you had reservations about Hillary Clinton and sensed that she was corrupt but yet wasn’t sure if your suspicions were sufficient enough to not support her….every information from this point on will be very useful to you.

According to Guccifer 2.0; a hacktivist who leaked important campaign information from the DNC servers, there was a consolidated effort since May 2015 to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential nominee.

For example, the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whom was also Hillary Clinton’s co-campaign chair in 2008, “schduled just six sanctioned debates at odd times when viewership would be predictably low, and after crucial deadlines to change one’s voter registration in states like New York, and then threatened to ban candidates from those if they participated in unsanctioned ones.” according to Paste Magazine.

Then, and according to Paste Magzine, there was the time when “Debbie Wasserman Schultz barred the Sanders campaign’s access to the Democratic party’s voter files over the actions of one of his staffers.” And the sanctions were not lifted until Bernie and his campaign filed a lawsuit against the DNC.

Those revelations were from the hacktivist alone, but what about the more obvious ones—that crystallized Hillary as being inauthentic and a gluttonous for dirty money?

Ones such as, the over 2 million ballots that had not been counted for during the California Primaries. And then there was Lee Fang, journalist for Intercept, who twitted that the DNC was funneling money into pro-Clinton super PACs. Or, how could we forget how unusual it was, why, and even before any single person had casted their votes, 400 superdelegates pledged their support to Hillary Clinton?

If these things don’t scream political favoritism and economic royalism, then I don’t know what does. Moreover, that is why Hillary Clinton, the entire DNC establishment and her desperate strategies that lead her to become the Democratic presidential nominee demands our continuous scrutiny and devalorization.


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Happy Father’s Day, Dad

the fam part 2

Happy Father’s Day my pillar of hope and lighthouse of bright smiles.

Happy Father’s Day you strong and consistent figure of forthrightness.

Happy Father’s Day our ex-military minded father. Our creative and meticulous disciplinarian.

Happy Father’s Day to a man whose love knows no bound. Who would give you the shirt off his back even it meant that he would have to shiver all the way home.

Happy Father’s Day to a man that has taught me to value education more than anything else in the world. A man that has witnessed, more than my fingers can count, the revolving doors of opportunities—as a result of reading and intellectual snoopiness.

Happy Father’s Day to a man whose unusual sense of humor left his children laughing for many, long and incalculable hours.

Happy Father’s Day to a man that I aspire to be someday.

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Man with mission, Davie Dave

the davie dave

Davie Dave is an amateur bodybuilder who’s planning to go pro someday. He has won many trophies, trained with some of the finest coaches, and, over the years, has learned almost everything there is to know about bodybuilding. In like manner, he’s incredibly hard-working, self-motivated, and considers himself to be a sculpture in the highly, and creatively, scientific world of bodybuilding.

But before Davie Dave turns pro—and having his body-masterpiece showcased all around the world, he has granted me unrestricted access to paint the picture of where it all began. In addition to that, I’ve always been curious about some of the intricacies surrounding bodybuilding—and I figured, what better way to unveil my curiosities than seeking information from one of the best and most knowledgeable in this field?

It all started back in 2006 while Davie Dave was in his grandmother’s basement with his cousins and uncles when one of them asked him to do something very unusual. “The first thing one of my uncles said to me was, ‘if you want this chicken-wing drop down and give me 25 push-ups.'” He tells me. “I was surprised that he asked me that, but I liked the challenge, so I got down and gave him 25 push-ups. It wasn’t the best push-ups but I still did it and got the chicken-wing.”

He said that the very next day he was so sore—” I’ve never felt anything like that before”—that he questioned whether not that he had injured himself. When he explained to one of his uncles what his body was going through, that particular uncle told him that what he was experiencing was natural and that he was experiencing it because he had never done it before.

“Wow,” he said. “I kinda liked that feeling.” From then on, every time Davie Dave worked out he did it to feel that same soreness, again.

Naturally, as Davie Dave continued working out, he was able to achieve that same soreness—thus, maximizing and  illuminating his pronounced physique. And he got so good at achieving the latter, that, a year later, in 2007, the whole football team visited his grandmother’s basement just to train with him. “I was basically their trainer.” he said. “at my grandmother’s I had everything that they needed—up to four hundred pounds; bench press, barbells, dumbbells, and leg extension machines.”

Seeing that he had a knack for training people and working out properly, and coupled with his workout magazines and the desire to showcase his talents, he then decided to participate in exhibitions to obtain his pro-card.

At the same time that he started doing competitions, Davie Dave was not only training other bodybuilders but was also winning a majority of his competitions as well. One of those recent competitions was the battle at the border back in 2015 at the Niagara Convention Center, where he won his overall title that qualified him to be in striking distance of receiving his pro-card.

Although this may be true, that bodybuilding is intense and requires a lot of discipline, some people may think that bodybuilding, or most bodybuilders, in general, are just massive men and women standing in front of a crowd flexing and posing. But to Davie Dave, it’s much more than that. Bodybuilding is scientific, creative, and very competitive. It demands respect because it goes beyond any kind of art form or sport that takes less time to master, but rather something that is perennial and takes months and even years to achieve.

Take the calves, for example, Davie Dave has to make sure that his calves are in proper alignment with his quads and that they are correctly proportioned and symmetrical on each side. Or, abdominals, which has to have the right amount of separation. If not, not only would he lose points from the judges but that means that he would have to get back on the treadmill and lose some water weight.

When I asked him if he would recommend bodybuilding to anyone, he strongly suggested that anyone looking to commit to bodybuilding should consider getting a coach. Because, without a coach properly guiding you and recommending the right workouts and tenacity, you could easily sustain an injury.

“In the past I tore my chest muscles while working out….and it hasn’t been the same ever since.” he told me. “I regret not stretching the way I should’ve because if I did so I would have never gotten that injury. And that’s actually why, after my 2013 exhibition, I took off for two years because my chest needed to repair.”

Inasmuch as Davie Dave was dominating his competitions, training other bodybuilders, and constantly learning from his past mistakes, I found his soliloquies of eat, sleep, and bodybuild, to be enchanting. To put it another way, his desire and epigrammatic focus on life was very simple and far much essential than the polyphonic ambitions of most of us.

By all means, when it comes to being humbled in what could be described as a proliferation of egotistical expressions in the world of bodybuilding, individuals like Davie Dave are few and far between.  He said for those who were amoral and self-applauding, that,”that’s the one thing you should leave at the door.”

Presently, Davie Dave is preparing for his next competition and says that the number one thing in his life right now is making sure that his dream of obtaining his pro-card comes true. “I won’t stop until it happens.” he said. “I go to sleep thinking about bodybuilding, dreaming about bodybuilding, and I wake up thinking about bodybuilding.”

All in all, when it comes to bodybuilding “it’s not always about weights,” he said. “it’s how you perform the weights. you want to make sure that your squeezing, breathing and not just throwing heavy weights around.”

To find out more about Davie Dave and follow his workouts, look for him on Facebook and Instagram.

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