Kill em With Kindness

orlando shooting

I know it’s easy, in times of tragedy and mass hysteria, to forget about our humanity, but we need to work hard to put our good-self forward—no matter what.

This is not the time to entertain reactionary solutions to a tragedy that calls for resolve and progressivism. From experience, I am almost certain, however, that someone will abandon their moral rectitude to want to answer violence with violence.

But, for a brief moment, I urge you to think about Selena Gomez—when she said we should “kill em with kindness

Moreover, to those who may still want to achieve the latter; of answering violence with violence, please remember that the gunman, Omar Mateen, was an anomaly and is not reflective of all Muslims.

If your close relative, friend or neighbor, did something wrong, do you constellate your relative, friends and neighbors as having the same pathology for doing something bad?

In the same breath, however, we must condemn anyone who chooses to target a group of people who, not only were minding their business, but had the right to life and liberty just like the rest of us.


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Katie Dimpfl

Katie Dimpfl

Katie Dimpfl is charmingly witty, outspoken, and doesn’t hold back any punches when she talks about men, her family and her business. Naturally, if you were to spot her at a rendezvous, and because she carries herself in a classic manner, you wouldn’t have guessed it that she’s this powerhouse; juggling family, running her own massage business and promoting her wellness products.

Likewise, it was from her gentle, sheepish, but yet autocratic personality that sparked my curiosity to further investigate how she was able to keep everything that she was doing so well constellated. Not only that, but I also wanted to breathe her air—in hope that her strong sense of independence, humor, and venturesome ways would rub off on me.

Katie and I agreed to meet at her workplace, a four and a half star location called Boots or Hearts Salon in Hamburg New York, and in this little, cozy space upstairs with lots of towels, candles and a wall-mounted fireplace. In the middle of the room was this EarthLite-Samadhi-like massage table. In the corner, somewhere, was a portable massage tattoo chair with elaborate lights serpentined all over and next to these beautiful Chinese-style changing dividers. This room we were in was dangerously soothing—with melancholic melodies playing in the background and breathtakingly, provocative aromas that clouded my sensualities. On the whole, I felt nefariously disarmed and accepting for something of a serendipitous nature.

“My name is Katie Dimpfl, I’m 25-years old, ” she said, while sitting on top of the massage table, “I own my own business; The Massage Room by Katie, I’ve been here over a year, now, running this business at this location. And I am also a distributor for Total Life Changes and their all natural organic products.”

“As far as massage goes, I’ve been doing massage since 2010. That is my number one passion. I’ve always been interested in massage, actually, since I was a kid. I like to help people. It’s very gratifying to see how you can improve someone’s life or just make them feel better, really.”

Doing something meaningful was very important to Katie. In thinking about her unique position of being able to help people and possibly changing their lives, she realizes, though, that there a lot of jobs out there that people work at but are not able to directly see how they are helping people. “for me, and although the massage and wellness products are a lot of work, it does it for me.” she said.

“My goal in life is basically to help as many people as I can….in whatever way I can. So, I just like that I have more than one way of doing that. Through massage, it’s an all natural way; it’s preventative healing, helps people with pain management, and endless other benefits. Same thing with the all natural organic products, the tea, for example, is a nine herbs in a tea bag. Nothing goes to waste. After you make a gallon of tea, which lasts for a week, and you drink it all, you take your tea bags, dry them out, and now you use the herbs and you put them in food and your still reaping the benefits.” She then added, “Also, our all natural vitamin has a 98 percent absorption rate—you’re getting a whole food vitamin that your body recognizes as food—making you all set for your day.”

Katie started using her all natural organic products after she had her two kids and has lost over 35 pounds. Behind where I was sitting was a before and after photo of Katie, and it was easy to see that she was telling the truth. For this reason, she stands by her products and encourages anyone looking to lose weight, have more energy, and rid their bodies of some nasty parasites, to try her products for themselves.

“Just as massage makes me happy–as a career–this [Total Life Changes] makes me happy as well because it has given me my life back.” she said.

Having done so many things for people and put others first, but yet wanting to take control of her own life, Katie committed herself to TLC—taking the all natural and organic products while also working out a lot. And although she considers her life changing decision to be “kinda selfish,” she said, “That was my kickstart…to do something for me. because I’m constantly doing something for other people, between at home, at work, and for everything else. I’m just a giver….I like to give and do for others.”

Together with her balancing act of work, family life, and her business, I must say, it’s inspiring to see someone as young as Katie to be in such command of her life and, by all means necessary, to want to help people and give them a chance to become healthy and more productive individuals.

In the same fashion, and although our time together was meant to be professional and somewhat serious, admittedly, it was hard to restrain myself from laughing too much because Katie was distractedly funny. “I could definitely be president…..I just never would want to.” she said. “Why not?” I asked,  specifically. “Oh god….because I would bomb everyone, get rid of everybody that used to be there and then start over and bring my people in. A pause came over us as we silently pondered how dictatorial and unethical that would be. But rather than ending it there, the two of us then agreeably started to laugh.

“Okay,” she said, wiping her eyes and trying to rescue herself from how insane her aforesaid statement was, “the bomb was a play-on-words. More like erase.”

Moreover, and as far as men goes, because she’s on this powerful, independent journey of being a boss and promoting her business, she hasn’t found a man that could keep up with her. “That was part of the problem with my marriage,” she said, “I was sick of being the strong one. I’m sick of other people being weak. At one point your gonna have to catch up and pull your own weight.”

To the end that Katie has proven herself to be an astute original; someone who is nonconforming, and not only has new ideas but takes action to champion them, there was also something about her that caught my attention—-that is, her unwavering mindset to change people and really impact their lives in a positive way.

On that level, that’s where Katie and I really connected. You, see, I, too, live my life by that motto—of helping people; whether it’s volunteering my time at W.N.E.D., Shea’s Theater, or at retirement homes. Being able to give back and leave a positive impression on people is really important to me. In the beginning, I was hoping to breathe her air—to possibly absorb Katie’s strong sense of independence, humor, and venturesome ways, but the more I look back at it now, I actually got a lot more than that.

All in all, and before we wrapped up, I asked her “what do you see yourself doing in 5-years?” Surprisingly, and for someone who seems to be constantly premediating, she said something that sounded as if she was regurgitating a Hallmark card. “The whole 5-year question is good for being hopeful. But I feel like we should really embrace today and not worry so much about the past or the future.”

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homeless man in park part 2


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When Robots Take Over

robots in Swiss

Yesterday, voters in Switzerland rejected the proposal for a Basic Income for all. But if more of our jobs are being done by autonomous robots, these says, meanwhile the disappearance of job security—influenced by the rise of the Temp Economy—is coming at us fast, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to consider a basic income to replace that?

Final results from Sunday’s referendum showed that nearly 77% opposed the plan, with only 23% backing it.

Despite the vote, many analysts believed that Switzerland could have afforded the basic income, primarily because welfare benefits would have been abolished.

The proposal would have given every adult 2,500 Swiss francs every month. Supporters of the proposal said that they were aware of the changing work climate, now having to compete with autonomous robots, and that the latter proposal would have enabled them to survive, not only now, but also in the future.

Opponents of the proposal, like, Luzi Stamn, a member of parliament for the right-wing Swiss people’s party, said, “theoretically, if Switzerland were an island, the answer is yes. But with open borders, it’s a total impossibility, especially for Switzerland, with a high living standard,” he then added,”If you would offer every individual a Swiss amount of money, you would have billions of people who would try to move into Switzerland.”

Nevertheless, the struggle for a basic income for all is not yet over. Finland and the Dutch city of Utrecht are still on the list; they are considering a trail to give basic income to low-income groups and everyone else.


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