The Addiction to Celebrity Culture

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One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am reading a news site and I pass by an article that discusses a celeb beef, a new celeb relationship, or announcing what a celeb wore or how hot their abs are. It drives me crazy, and definitely not in a good way. In fact, it makes me feel worried for the state of things once again. I believe it is mentally unhealthy to put so much stock in celebrities; let me tell you why.

The only reason people pay any attention to the celebrities and their lives is because they are famous for being on TV, for their music, or whatever else puts these people in the “public eye”. People become obsessed with celebrities, simply because other people have become obsessed with them. I mean, would Justin Bieber be as popular if he didn’t start off marketing to teenage girls just hitting puberty? Probably not, and Justin and his PR team knew that. That’s why they started marketing his own line of women’s perfume in the beginning of his career. What exactly does Justin Bieber know about women’s perfume? Does that sound remotely mentally sound? It isn’t, and nor should it.

Also, people get addicted to celebrity culture because they are thirsty. Yes that’s right, T-H-I-R-S-T-Y. So thirsty, they look like they are really worried about re-populating the planet after 3/4 of the population has died, as opposed to just having a sexual attraction to a person. This aspect of celeb addiction, I find uniquely sad. If a person can’t realize how easily manipulated people are becoming when they are shown a “pretty” (I use quotations to signify the reality that most celebs’ physical appearance is manufactured) face in order to buy something, see a movie, or to endorse a politician *hint hint*, then that person needs to wake up to the reality of what celeb culture is actually about. It is a tool of manipulation, no more, no less. Can you think of another point as to the existence of it?

Celeb culture sets up impossible standards as the reality of what humans should aspire to, even though the celebrities themselves can’t live up to it either. One example is this whole idea of being America’s darling, of being the apple of everyone’s eye and the kind of person that makes the world swoon every time they take a breath; their name is always on someone’s lips. First off, it is annoying when pop culture find a new person to obsess about and spam them to the world. Every other headline is about them and everything they are doing because people just need to know that this person exists *eye-roll*, even if they are a total ass, or even crazy.

Even though, I like Hunger Games and the X-Men franchise, I will use Jennifer Lawrence as an example. When she first gained popularity, people wouldn’t shut up about her. It was, “Jennifer Lawrence this, and JLaw that”, “she’s the new IT girl”. Whatever that means. In a nutshell, she was the bee’s knees in Hollywood for awhile. However, when she was telling off a reporter in a manner that rubbed EVERYONE the wrong way for asking her about the Oscars when he meant to say Golden Globes, and for taking photos at the same time. It just came off mean instead of her being funny like she tried to make it sound, and everyone laughed along with her. It wasn’t funny though. It was a-hole-like. That is another problem with celeb culture. Because they are celebrities, they get to act like how they want and treat people however they want, simply because they are famous and “universally loved”. 

When are people going to realize that celebrity culture is extremely damaging? When their young daughters start taking skip days to go get botox or cosmetic surgery to “appear more sexy” instead of sneaking off to go to a movie? A guy who spent over $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber died from cosmetic surgery. Or how about when people are starting twitter fights with other people over a celeb’s personal problems and they start saying some truly messed up things. That is an every day occurrence. I think it is going to be a big wake-up call for people when they start to understand that what happens in celebrities’ lives really shouldn’t matter to them. It is pointless, damaging to their psyche, and it is somewhat sad. It’s not to say that you can’t be a fan of a celebrity’s work. Just don’t sell your soul to them, just because some celebrities have sold their souls to the Hollywood machine.


What Is Going On With The Democrats?

Divided Democratic Party

There have been many rumors regarding Hillary Clinton’s current campaign to the presidency. People have been saying things like, “Trump is a straw man to help Hillary’s run”, “Hillary had many delegates under her thumb, which gave her a lead ahead of Bernie Sanders”, “Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch in order to pull some strings to get her off the hook with her email scandal”, and so on and so forth. However, with this latest WikiLeaks hack into Democratic Party emails, it looks like there has been some truth to the rumors.

The hack was perpetrated between by two separate cyber-espionage groups, who are speculated to have connections to Russian Military Intelligence. I just have to say, America seems to come under cyber-attack from other countries quite often, and not just random hackers, but from military installations. If foreign government hackers are actively hacking and attacking into American cyber-systems, itsn’t considered an act of war?

What was exposed in the hack is REALLY interesting. There are several instances that are being portrayed in the media as the Democratic National Committee being specifically against Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. There are emails questioning his religious background and subtly condemning him for it, accounts of the DNC shutting off access to the party list of likely Democratic voters (to which Sanders sued to get renewed access to), back and forth emails plotting how to sabotage the Sanders campaign, and the list goes on.

Now, this didn’t occur amongst Clinton’s personal campaign officers, which would be expected and accepted. This occurred in the overall Democratic party platform. This is troubling for many reasons. One of them is obvious, that the Democratic party has been biased against anyone who could threaten Hillary’s presidential campaign. This means that this entire presidential campaign on the Democrats’ side was basically for Hillary, and somewhat planned. The more troubling thing is the active discussion of how to sabotage other campaigns. The fact that this is going on seems EXTREMELY reminiscent of what happened with George W. Bush’s first presidential run and Florida. Remember that, everyone? Except that it is the Democratic National Committee sabotaging its own.

The exposure of these emails seems to be very significant, based on the reaction of Democratic party. Because of the hack and the information that has been revealed to the public, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Debra Wasserman Schultz has decided to publicly step down from her position after the Democratic National Convention. Publicly, the committee and several officials, including both Obama and Clinton, have said they thank Schultz for her service and this “step-down” she is doing is to for the future of of the Democratic Party and to bring new blood in, or something. Behind closed doors is another matter; this is a huge embarrassment for the Democratic Party to anyone who is paying a little bit of attention.

The Democratic Party has been exposed as having been biased against Bernie Sanders, the top contender against Hillary Clinton for the presidency on the Democrats’ side. They have even had talks of sabotaging Sanders’ campaign and even attempted to (allegedly) by limiting resources available to him. Add to that the fact that Clinton DID have a head start on Sanders when it comes to delegates, it seems that the rumors are true: there has been some work to get specifically Clinton into office, at least within the Democratic Party. So, this all begs the question: what else has been done to get Hillary Clinton into the presidency?

Sit Down In Order To Move Forward

stacy dash, jesse williams

A LOT of people are talking about actor, model, teacher, and business owner Jesse Williams’ acceptance speech at the 2016 BET Awards for the Humanitarian Award. I took in Jesse’s speech, and I think it was inspiring.

Everything he is saying has a basis in fact and truth, especially about the part where he says, “If you have a critique for the resistance, for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of our oppression. If you have no interest, if you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do. Sit down.” Here is where EVERYONE, regardless of race, needs to listen and SIT DOWN.

On YouTube alone, there are hundreds of response videos to Jesse Williams’ speech from random YouTubers, news outlets, social media platforms, everyone. Everyone? Literally, everyone has something to say. It is all random opinion after opinion, which is all well and good, but 75% of it is uninformed and copied from Williams himself! Williams had “vim and verve” (look it up) and it was poetic, informed, educational, and artistic.

You can clearly see his history as an educator as well as his work as an actor melded together. On YouTube, now you see a whole bunch of responses from many different people trying to do the same thing and emulate his style while responding to his ideas, albeit nowhere near as well thought-out as his. This is where people need to SIT DOWN.

Socrates once said, “Thus far then we are pretty well agreed that the imitator has no knowledge worth mentioning of what he imitates. Imitation is only a kind of play or sport, and the tragic poets, whether they write in iambic or in heroic verse, are imitators in the highest degree”. Many of those who are responding to Jesse Williams’ speech are not listening to a word he’s saying; they are not understanding that he is saying Black people should not be treated with more force than other races while under police custody, money should not be the new slavery for Black people, Black people shouldn’t have to work towards equality it should be automatic as part of our human rights, and Black culture shouldn’t be exploited, discarded, and appropriated for White supremacy to benefit from.

People are not responding to that. Just like bugs to a bug zapper, people are responding and gleefully reveling in the conflict. “Why are people listening to Jesse Williams when ‘so and so’ said this months ago?”. My personal favorite is, “People are only listening to him because he’s light-skinned”. People who fall into this line of thinking and action, i.e. commenting for the sake of commenting, need to SIT DOWN.

What Jesse says is true: if you don’t have an established history of critiquing the racial oppression of those African descent, not just in America, but the world, you should not be trying to critique the struggle of Black people bringing attention to the issue, as so many people do. Ultimately, those who do are “imitators”, people who emulate the actions of others, but have no knowledge of what they are imitating, or talking about. There needs to be less reactive, “Well, I (it’s bolded, highlighted, and italicized because people are just being self-aggrandizing at this point) think that…”, and more people need to take in Jesse’s conversation and his level of conversation.

Don’t take a page out of his book and don’t accuse him of taking a page out of someone else’s book. If half the people who are taking the time to “respond” to his speech would actively try to contribute something positive to it and take in the ideas of what Jesse and many other thinkers have said, we wouldn’t be exploited. We wouldn’t be unnecessarily brutalized. We wouldn’t be in an evolved system of micro-aggressive slavery. Instead of commenting and imitating, people need to listen, take it in, SIT DOWN, and then, STAND UP.