My Late Sunday Reflection, Bullying of The Working-Class


the letter s2ome time ago, around 2009, I went to the social service building in downtown Buffalo, seeking for assistance with my electric bill. They gave me a loan to pay the over-due bill, and now, they want the loan back.

I know what your thinking, why does this matter? just pay them and move on with your life. Well, it’s not that simple. because, and I am not making excuses—-typical rhetoric from the far right—-being stationed in the quick-sand category of the working-class often makes it difficult to effectively climb the latter of upward mobility, without getting shot down by the arrows of overwhelming responsibilities. For example, working at a service sector job that pays you $8.75 an hour, only getting 20-25 hours a week, while you have a child at home, car insurance, rent for apartment, food, with rising utility costs—–a lifestyle that seems reserved for the middle class and the one percent. Then, whenever you get some extra money via tax season, you can’t pay back loans, instead, you have to pay for the tsunami of over-due bills.

The latter scenario—although not my own—is something similar, that I face as a young adult stationed in the working-class. Now, because of that, I have not been able to pay back the loan that I owed to social services, and for that reason, they sent me a letter, threatening to take the gross earnings from my job to pay off the loan. The latter bullying behavior, sounds very similar to what the mafia–Italian, Asian, Irish—would do to it’s debtors. But, instead of breaking your legs and having you sleeping with the fishes, the social services and their cronies—the full extent of the law—economically break you and leave you drowning in a sea of more debt and uncertainty. They don’t think, that you might be one missed payment away from being evicted from your apartment, or a lesser paycheck away from only affording Ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches for a week. What they rather do is dig you a deep hole, then place you in it, and patronize you when you can’t get out. And at times, laughing at you, even getting everyone else—-Fox News, and the government—-to point and laugh and indulge in your misery.

What is the solution to all this madness? Well, I can continue to not pay them because I have other bills that need my immediate attention, or I could allow the electric company to  shut-off my electric because of a missed payment, and stay in the dark for a whole month, so I could pay off the loan that I owed to social services.Umm, tough decision—-something the middle class and one percent don’t have to think about, I’m sure. I think I am going to choose the latter, though.

Who will Luck out of President Obama’s Executive Order??

mexican working

Il y a plein de gens qui se lâche sous le président Barrack Obama de l’executive order- – -permettant près de 5 millions de migrants clandestins court terme permis de travail et de secours de la déportation.

1.) Les Parents de DACA jeunes, travailleurs saisonniers, etc. .
Obama, évitement des parents de ces enfants DACA est insensé et barbare, car par défaut séparer les pères et les mères de leurs enfants. Aussi, les travailleurs saisonniers qui n’ont aucun lien avec ces enfants DACA sera bonne chance.

2.) Noir les immigrés et les personnes incarcérées avec
les gens de félonies ont des familles trop, et sous Obama met l’accent sur déporter félonies- – – -provoquera un effet de ricochet, en détruisant les familles de criminels qui essaient de reconstruire leur vie.

3.) LGBTQ les jeunes et les personnes reconnues coupables de faible niveau crimes.

4.) collectivités frontalières
Obama’s strong insiste sur la militarisation de la frontière, une mauvaise nouvelle pour des centaines de résidents des zones frontalières, brutalité arrêtés et parfois tués par la police des frontières.

Donc, il ne faut pas célébrer juste encore, les citoyens d’Amérique.