Buffalo NY, “National Day OF Protest,” October 22th 2014

 revolution-front-enHello everyone,
       I am sending each and everyone one of you this call for action—to see if we can possibly coordinate a demonstration in buffalo NY on the 22th of October, to continue the well-needed awareness of the latter image.
       There is  absolutely no reason why Buffalo, NY cannot participate or coordinate this national call for action against police brutality, Mass incarceration, and the criminalization of a generation. Statistics such as; every two weeks a young black man is killed by a police officer, is not just a black issue but an issue against humanity and our aspiration of a peaceful and safe place to live for everyone. soon, if police brutality is not brought to a complete halt, then everyone, all across the eco-social board; black or white, rich to working the poor working class, will have to deal with it.

Quote by Bathsua Makin

“Had god intended for women to be a finer sort of cattle he would not have made them reasonable. Brutes a few degrees higher than mandrills or monkeys (which the Indians use to do many offices) might have better fitted some men’s lust, pride and pleasure; especially those that desire to keep them ignorant to be tyrannized over.”