“Goodbye White Girl”

“Before you begin allow me to introduce myself. My name is Love, like that letter that opens its vaults of affections, does away with the bullshit and exposes the imperfections.
Imperfection is the truth—like a secret that I’v been trying to keep from you.
You see, I may appear confident but I am a coward when I am next to you. I may pretend to have all the knowledge in the world, but what good is it if it escapes me when I am next to you?
Whenever I stare into your eyes I get mesmerized by the tiny galaxies floating in and around your pupils like fire flies in a fruit bowl.
Your sweet, so sweet as if sugar doesn’t even exist. your kind, so kind that the first person in history to commit the act of kindness is sobbing in his grave right now. and  I have to admit, your shut the front door, holy tits, mother lint licker gorgeous, so gorgeous that I swear that the word beauty was discovered when your born.
Veronica, when I think about you I think about a women with class; funny when she wants to be—private and independent like Coca-Cola and Pepsi–your so sexy, that I often dream about you being the wave and I the jet ski—so much so that I think about that commercial “what would you do for a Klondike bar?” which has absolutely nothing to do with this poem, but it just sort of popped into my head so I figured I should just say it, maybe to spark hilarity, or perhaps just for shits and gigs, I don’t know.
But what I do know is, that whenever I think about you, I think about giving you everything. not the superficial and materialistic items that subsequently gets thrown into the basket—with such elegance and ease as if the latter was thrown by a maverick; but my essence, like my humility, love, compassion, and energy—things you can actually take with you when I am gone.
So whatever you say, via positive or negative, I just want you to know, that recently, you have contributed to the inspiration of my literal imagination.”