freedom of speech

the letter We, promoters of change in amerikka, hardly ever stop to think about the privileges that we enjoy on a daily bases. It goes deeper than just the constitutional rights of this country. Such as the right to assembly, the freedom of religion, the right to bare arms, etc, to one basic and perennial human right that we forget to think about, more so than the others. And that’s the freedom of speech.

Sure, in some sector of amerikkka’n life, if you voiced your opinions about something you held dearly to your heart—such as homosexuality, and how its an abomination, you can be silenced. But not by the government, but by the citizens of this country; whom uphold and exercise their constitutional rights on each other—acting as lesions of astute chauvinism and constitutional principality for this government.

I say all of that to say this, in third world countries, where their constitutional beliefs are not all that strong—seeded in the ideological soils of a watery terrain—constantly subjected to ever changing idealism, thus, the juxtaposition of basic human freedoms and constitutional aspirations are constantly being blurred—for if you tried to exercise your human right, such as the freedom of speech, you would silenced by the government.

The latter makes one think about one’s own country; Nigeria, and currently the government of president Good Luck Johnathon and their obvious corruptions and political mouthpieces saying to the people—” do as I say, not as I do.” And if one dared to speak up against their corruptions, that person would be, thanks to the insight of my politically-conscious father, in his own words—“: visited by the secrete police and never to be seen again, and the case goes nowhere.”

Then, you have Azar Nafisi, in her chilling book entitled “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” where she describes in many cases, during the eight year long war between Iraq and Iran, citizens, and sometimes even children, who dared spoke up against the regime, would be silenced. In one specific example, in page 203 of her latter book—as she and “Farideh,” tried to tell “Mina,” how much they appreciated her and “Mina’s” favorite brother, whom was unafraid to speak his mind, subsequently causing him to be silenced by the regime—-when she said “Her favorite brother, the president of a large company, had been arrested at the start of the revolution, unlike most, he refused to put up with the new regime. Although he was not politically active, he supported the monarchy and like his sister he spoke his mind, even in jail. He had been insolent and that was enough. He was executed……”

So, as much as I may talk badly about this country, and throw literal dirt on its name, I do appreciate the fact that I can safely criticize the government, and the current administration of president Barrack Obama without the risk of being visited by a secrete police or being executed. Well, maybe I’m being a little too unambiguous and self-delusional about the dirt that’s constantly being swept underneath the prodigious carpet of this freedom sucking piece-meal government—from the genesis of 9/11 to contemporary, the Boston bombings, Sandy Hook, the baby-touting-menopausal Afrikan amerikka’n women in Washington D.C. the theater shooter, Ferguson, Mo. and beyond.

From the beginnity of the aforementioned and through out, those events has dramatically caused this country to scale back on the natural god-given—sorry, white man-given constitutional rights, such as the right to privacy. After, the marathon bombings in Boston; swat teams raided homes without warrants and turned the entire city to a military-occupied fiasco. Then, after 9/11 every amerikka’n citizen were subjected to illegal search and seizure—predominantly at airports, of their person and belongings, in the sake of national security.

My point is, viewed from a distance or sometimes up-close, which I’ve recently done in Ferguson, Mo. and Cleveland, Oh. you can start to see this country approaching a fascist state—-where soon, maybe just a rock throw away from another social cataclysm—any boisterous discontent about this countries categorical unfairness and its political mouthpieces, you will be silenced, permanently. That means I better get mines in quick before it’s too late.

Nafisi, Azar, Professor. “Reading Lolita in Tehran.” Random House. Random House, 2004. Web. 28 Dec. 2014.

Barrack Obama and the end of the american empire

barack obama

Dear President,

the letter the american empire is crumbling underneath your feet; from the potentiality of fiscal cataclysms—to civil unrest, domestically, and lax respect, internationally—-one hopelessly watches from a distance, as you, behind the american wheel, spirals out of control.

Just a rock throw away, america will soon crash and burn without anyone, both domestically nor internationally, coming to her aide. Barrack Obama, you have excluded yourself from the affairs of African americans—-the historical savagery and brutalization, both economically and morally, towards African americans has never been acknowledged in your gifted audible oratories—-nor so, contemporary, have you proven yourself to be a “brothers keeper,” to your fellow citizens.

For many reasons unknown, you have chosen to be silent when you needed to be loud. For many reasons also unknown, you have chosen to help white women, Mexicans, and the homosexual agenda—-but not the very people whose ancestral blood runs through the circuitry of your veins. The faith of your lax demonstration of moral and audible coalesce towards African americans is sealed in the old quote of Sun Tzu, in his book entitled “the art of war,” when he said ” He who lets an advantage slip will subsequently bring upon himself real disaster.”

As one attempts to search for hope, deep within the oxygen-deprived, hardened and dark caves of ones soul, made possible by the constant denying of my people and their humanity. The pontification of your relentless attempts to expunge their humility by treating them no better than fowls of the air and dogs of the field, time and time again, the latter has turned my soul darker than any moonless night. And so with this pen of mine, where the pathology of each literal pronouncement of truth becomes the flickering light of hope that one uses to search deep within oneself, I still find it difficult to bring to the surface anything but soot and shattered hopes for a better america.

My child-like imaginations and dreams of america, as the shining beacon for democracy and whole-sale governance for all—both domestically and abroad, has been interrupted by the recent alarm clocks of social barbarism and neglect of African americans—-the no indictments of the police officer who murdered 18 year old Michael Brown, and another who murdered Eric Garner—both in broad day light is not only despicable, but surprisingly not surprising, given the obvious historical footnotes that this country was founded upon; murder, castration, oppression, etc, for personal and national riches.

In closing, fuck this country, so much so as it continues to ignore the 400 year old cries, and counting—-of African americans whom are very well a part of this society as white women, Mexicans, and homosexuals alike.

Who will Luck out of President Obama’s Executive Order??

mexican working

Il y a plein de gens qui se lâche sous le président Barrack Obama de l’executive order- – -permettant près de 5 millions de migrants clandestins court terme permis de travail et de secours de la déportation.

1.) Les Parents de DACA jeunes, travailleurs saisonniers, etc. .
Obama, évitement des parents de ces enfants DACA est insensé et barbare, car par défaut séparer les pères et les mères de leurs enfants. Aussi, les travailleurs saisonniers qui n’ont aucun lien avec ces enfants DACA sera bonne chance.

2.) Noir les immigrés et les personnes incarcérées avec
les gens de félonies ont des familles trop, et sous Obama met l’accent sur déporter félonies- – – -provoquera un effet de ricochet, en détruisant les familles de criminels qui essaient de reconstruire leur vie.

3.) LGBTQ les jeunes et les personnes reconnues coupables de faible niveau crimes.

4.) collectivités frontalières
Obama’s strong insiste sur la militarisation de la frontière, une mauvaise nouvelle pour des centaines de résidents des zones frontalières, brutalité arrêtés et parfois tués par la police des frontières.

Donc, il ne faut pas célébrer juste encore, les citoyens d’Amérique.