Barrack Obama and the end of the american empire

barack obama

Dear President,

the letter the american empire is crumbling underneath your feet; from the potentiality of fiscal cataclysms—to civil unrest, domestically, and lax respect, internationally—-one hopelessly watches from a distance, as you, behind the american wheel, spirals out of control.

Just a rock throw away, america will soon crash and burn without anyone, both domestically nor internationally, coming to her aide. Barrack Obama, you have excluded yourself from the affairs of African americans—-the historical savagery and brutalization, both economically and morally, towards African americans has never been acknowledged in your gifted audible oratories—-nor so, contemporary, have you proven yourself to be a “brothers keeper,” to your fellow citizens.

For many reasons unknown, you have chosen to be silent when you needed to be loud. For many reasons also unknown, you have chosen to help white women, Mexicans, and the homosexual agenda—-but not the very people whose ancestral blood runs through the circuitry of your veins. The faith of your lax demonstration of moral and audible coalesce towards African americans is sealed in the old quote of Sun Tzu, in his book entitled “the art of war,” when he said ” He who lets an advantage slip will subsequently bring upon himself real disaster.”

As one attempts to search for hope, deep within the oxygen-deprived, hardened and dark caves of ones soul, made possible by the constant denying of my people and their humanity. The pontification of your relentless attempts to expunge their humility by treating them no better than fowls of the air and dogs of the field, time and time again, the latter has turned my soul darker than any moonless night. And so with this pen of mine, where the pathology of each literal pronouncement of truth becomes the flickering light of hope that one uses to search deep within oneself, I still find it difficult to bring to the surface anything but soot and shattered hopes for a better america.

My child-like imaginations and dreams of america, as the shining beacon for democracy and whole-sale governance for all—both domestically and abroad, has been interrupted by the recent alarm clocks of social barbarism and neglect of African americans—-the no indictments of the police officer who murdered 18 year old Michael Brown, and another who murdered Eric Garner—both in broad day light is not only despicable, but surprisingly not surprising, given the obvious historical footnotes that this country was founded upon; murder, castration, oppression, etc, for personal and national riches.

In closing, fuck this country, so much so as it continues to ignore the 400 year old cries, and counting—-of African americans whom are very well a part of this society as white women, Mexicans, and homosexuals alike.

Stealing our Thunder


letter I was in Cleveland, OH. over the weekend to offer my moral and audible support for the family of Tamir Rice; the 12 year old black boy who was shot and killed by Cleveland police officers in less than 2 seconds, after a dispatch call describing a “young black male,” brandishing a gun at “Cladel,” park

The above weekend was filled with moments of shock, fear, triumphs, and total civil unrest—-as protesters, predominately black and colored, stormed the streets of Cleveland. One such incident involved a middle aged white man threatening to shoot protesters as he mauled them over with his blue van. Another moment, this time, filled with hope and humility is, when protesters were shutting down the “first district police headquarters,” and near by business owners came with gloves, water and pizza to give to the protesters.

Thankfully, there’s visual images of the latter to nicely correlate with this literal structuralism that I am highlighting. I made sure to take lots of pictures and videos of the frustrated and enough-is-enough mentality of community members and out of state folks, supporting the family of Tamir Rice.

With all the media frenzy and out of state supporters assembling to Cleveland to be a part of history-in-the-making; I can’t help but to notice something that’s been a common occurrence whenever a black life is stolen by overseer’s on the american plantation—–police officers, in case you didn’t get the latter pronouncement. Beginning from when I was in Ferguson, Mo for the “Weekend of resistance,” to show solidarity for the family of Michael Brown and Vanderbilt Myers—Rest in Power; and very recently to Cleveland, for Tamir Rice; too often, more so than it should be, non black promoters and passionate activists of the “Revolutionary communist party,” steals the spot light with their presence and visualful banners.

My concern with the above aforementioned is not with the obvious displays of affinity–via moral and audible support by the RCP, but rather, the promotion and potentiality to kick-start their ideological agenda off the death of black lives. The “Revolutionary Communist Party,” does the above in the cloak of what they call “The fight for emancipation,” of all humanity. And that’s completely fine, but my question is, why can’t they do it when there’s white on white crime happening? For example, Sandy hook, the theater shooter, etc. in layman’s term, the death of white lives.

My fear is, an organization that needs black death to kick-start its ideological exigency—-what role will melanoid people play if and when the RCP’s manifesto is achieved? Will they forget us? will they exonerate us? will we even have a seat at the table of power or will those seats be kept reserved until we emancipate ourselves? or will the RCP continue to use us to kick-start other political and social-economic agendas?

To whom it may concern

This is a society  that loves women, this is a society that loves womenhood, and this is a society that loves children—-just not black women, black womenhood, and black children. I say that to say this; there’s this African american girl who works at 7 Eleven, and whose life is being threatened by a homeless white man who happens to be a former veteran.

In a letter that she wrote to her manager and to the police—-after she couldn’t take it anymore, over the fact that nothing was being done to safeguard her life, she states “You will have to find a replacement for 2nd shift 2-11pm tomorrow. I have been threatened time and time again by one particular customer who also happens to be a racist.” She continues, “He says things to me like, you better watch your back, this is your last time working here nigger, I’m going to fuck you up next time, and much more”

Before she closes, shes says something that not only questions the legitimacy of her establishment and the police, but the whole-sale system that she lives under, when she said “I have had enough! Why is my life not being taken seriously?” The subtleties that exists in the above letter often becomes unveiled during a tragedy. But, the irony is that it could be avoided if there were mechanism set in place to preserve black lives.

The young women who authored this letter is going against a system that is arbitrary, inconsistent, and hypocritical when it comes to the protectionism of black lives. However, when it comes to the preservation of white lives—-especially white women’s, this system is true, consistent and prepared to act, accordingly.

One such example is the story of 14 year old Emmett Till; a black boy who allegedly whistled at a white women—-and hours later, was dragged out of his uncles house, and beaten to death, then dumped into the river by two white vigilantes. Secondly,  a story of another young black boy who wrote a christmas card to a white girl who he was working with at a store. And when the father of the girl got a hold of the card, he was furious. He called up the white lynch mob to “teach the boy a lesson.” The white lynch mob grabbed both the boy and his father—-took them to a near by bridge—tide the boys hands and feet, and then tossed him into the river, while forcing the father to watch in disbelief. Lastly, the story of a predominantly black neighborhood that was burned down and terrorized by the american army—-who ended up slaughtering both men, women and children. Simply because some one said that a group of black men were going around harassing white women.

My fear is that if this disregard of black lives continues, Misteke, the African american girl who authored this letter, will soon become a statistic—-joining countless black lives who’s melancholy’s of inquires such as “Why is my life not being taken seriously,” sang hollow in the prodigious halls of white america.

In closing, I want the reader to ponder this former question, given the highlighted scenarios founded in this literal structuralism—–a combination of my privileged observations and the real life fears that Misteke faces on a daily bases; what if this letter was reversed and the author was a white women whose life was being threatened by a black homeless man who happens to be a former veteran? How would her manager have responded? Would he had contacted the modern day lynch mob, the police? And if so, what would they have done?

  • Guys, we need to act on this before its too late, and the life of this young African american women is stolen. As I read her letter, I started to cry because I knew what the outcome would be—death. And it saddens me to know that until the latter becomes a reality, we; young promoters of change, will then act and create all sorts of banners to acknowledge her life. But it shouldnt be that way, we should gather now to acknowledge her life while she still has it. Please join, me on new years eve in buffalo to demonstrate in front of 7 Eleven at 6pm.
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