Happy Father’s Day, Dad

the fam part 2

Happy Father’s Day my pillar of hope and lighthouse of bright smiles.

Happy Father’s Day you strong and consistent figure of forthrightness.

Happy Father’s Day our ex-military minded father. Our creative and meticulous disciplinarian.

Happy Father’s Day to a man whose love knows no bound. Who would give you the shirt off his back even it meant that he would have to shiver all the way home.

Happy Father’s Day to a man that has taught me to value education more than anything else in the world. A man that has witnessed, more than my fingers can count, the revolving doors of opportunities—as a result of reading and intellectual snoopiness.

Happy Father’s Day to a man whose unusual sense of humor left his children laughing for many, long and incalculable hours.

Happy Father’s Day to a man that I aspire to be someday.

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