[T]here has been lot of moments of legitimate fear, concern, and uncertainty at the psychiatric center—somewhere in Buffalo. however, those days are benign compared to the moments of happiness and hope in humanity.

During my stays, I’ve had the delighted opportunity to meet incredible human-beings—whom you would suspect to be rude and angry because of how socially castrated they were—-but that was not so, these people were super nice, polite, and possessed a cordiality so supreme, child-like, innocent and humble—compared to the supposedly sane human-beings out there in  the world. For example, if you were reading the newspaper, and someone else wanted it, that person would polity, in a very innocent and child-like way ask if they can read it when your done with  it. unlike, some in society—out there, beyond the walls of this institution of cordial decency—would just be rude and be pushy with you about reading the paper next. Secondly, if you dropped something on the floor, someone would ask in a very calm and sweet voice, like “would you like me to pick that up for you.”?

Thirdly, if you were watching television and someone walked up next to you—-not quite blocking your view, but just slightly on the peripheral where they’er presence would be somewhat annoying; that person would sense that, and ask you ” if am bothering by standing here just let me know.”

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