Dear Friend,
Your love for the dick, in some way shape or form resembles that of hyper-patriarchy; in physical behavior and mental indignation, you along with homosexuals and heterosexuals alike give the pontification for the insignificance and irrelevance placed on women in our society.
For hundreds of years women has been placed on the back-burner while men indulged themselves in all facet of human-imagination; politics, literature, entrepreneurship, management in municipalities, clergy’s and much more. In fact, before the times of unconventional women such as Christine de Penza (writer), Marie de France (poet), Eleanor of Aquitaine (Wealthiest and most powerful women in western Europe), Sarah Moore Grimke ( American abolitionist, writer, and member of the womens suffrage movement) ext—women were regarded as foils of mens activities. We have come far from the time in historiography when men openly had sex with other men because women were viewed as socially irreverent and vile—but we some how seem to forget that we are calling for the exigency of that past duality of hyper-patriarchy with the recent explosion of homosexuality. Nonetheless, just because gays are getting rights, does not mean men will all the sudden abandon their instinctual and animal-like sensuality for total control—thus, yet again forcing women to the human-ovens of social castration.
women should be scared, because homosexuals are no different than heterosexuals–in the context, and relations, of needing a women. Homosexuals can do almost everything that a women can do—besides give birth of course, but nonetheless, they are intelligent, well-groomed, fashion-oriented, can cook, do and neatly fold their own laundry, can multitask, have great penmanship and are emotionally sensitive and available.
It seems to me that the latter—looking at contemporary America, is the manifestation of the deep sensuality of the early feminist movement of 30 years ago; which is to be able to have the privilege of being a man without having to mortgage their femininity. Voila, thus you have today, what I believe to be a bunch of women trapped in the bodies of men.
In closing, fucking another man, is to deny the significance and social relevance of women in this heavily patriarchal society.

P.S. I do not hate Gays!

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