Kill em With Kindness

orlando shooting

I know it’s easy, in times of tragedy and mass hysteria, to forget about our humanity, but we need to work hard to put our good-self forward—no matter what.

This is not the time to entertain reactionary solutions to a tragedy that calls for resolve and progressivism. From experience, I am almost certain, however, that someone will abandon their moral rectitude to want to answer violence with violence.

But, for a brief moment, I urge you to think about Selena Gomez—when she said we should “kill em with kindness

Moreover, to those who may still want to achieve the latter; of answering violence with violence, please remember that the gunman, Omar Mateen, was an anomaly and is not reflective of all Muslims.

If your close relative, friend or neighbor, did something wrong, do you constellate your relative, friends and neighbors as having the same pathology for doing something bad?

In the same breath, however, we must condemn anyone who chooses to target a group of people who, not only were minding their business, but had the right to life and liberty just like the rest of us.


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