Lumineers “Angela”

lumineers-angelaI really like this song; it’s soothing, emotionally layered, and brings up nostalgic memories of when I was much younger with an endless sense of freedom. Also, it makes me want to grab my skateboard, converse, vintage backpack and hit the road.

Every kick off the pavement, every business gone by, every smile from strangers, and every stop-light seems to be calling me right now! As I listen to this song over and over again, it’s getting harder not to follow that itch and inviting reverie.

“When you left this town, with your windows down
And the wilderness inside.”

“Let the exits pass, all the tar and glass
‘Til the road and sky align.”

“The strangers in this town,
They raise you up just to cut you down
Oh Angela it’s a long time coming.”

As the lead singer, Wesley Schultz sang those notes with angelic harmony and euphoric grace, I just kept imagining that Angela and I would have met somewhere on the open road; two people, lost, confused, and in dire need of something to believe in….something to keep them going, while the people around them tries to conform them to their disfigured and modified sense of freedom.

“And your Volvo lights lit up green and white
With the cities on the signs.”

“But you held your course to some distant war
In the corners of your mind.”

“From the second time around
The only love I ever found
Oh Angela it’s a long time coming.”

“Home at last.”

I reckon that sometimes, while on this serendipitous journey that Angela and I have embarked on, that the two of us would come to doubt our eagerness to leave everything behind. Also, we would probably, and although unsuccessfully, try to turn around and head back home. But, what would end up saving us from past conformity is this song—on repeat, constantly.

Although life at times may be familiar and comfortable, we must break away sometimes to see what else lies ahead—that’s what this song means to me. “The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next,” said Ursula K. Le Guin. If you are like Angela and I, you too must keep going and embrace the open roads of uncertainty.

“Were you safe and warm in your coat of arms
With your fingers in a fist.”

“Did you hear the notes, all those static codes
In the radio abyss?”

“Strangers in this town,
They raise you up just to cut you down
Oh Angela it’s a long time coming
Oh Angela spent your whole life running away.”

“Home at last
Home at last.”

“Vacancy, hotel room, lost in me, lost in you
Angela, on my knees, I belong, I believe.”
“Home at last
Home at last
Home at last
Home at last.”
“Home at last
To listen to this wonderful song, click the following link: Lumineers – “Angela”

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