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In case you haven’t heard, my country, Lagos, Nigeria, has been facing an economic uncertainty and oil shortages for quite some time now. Government officials….in order to save our spiraling economy, has been demanding U.S. currency to slow down the inevitable.

The citizens—strapped for cash because some of them haven’t seen a paycheck in 10 months—are turning to neighbors to stay afloat. However, even those opting to help their fellow neighbors, and due to job cuts and businesses closing down—are starting to ask, ” How much longer can we keep this up?”

Yet, despite all of that, beer consumption has been steadily rising in Nigeria. The Beer company, Heineken, said, since the 6-month long economic incertitude, consumption of their brand has seen a 4.6 percent increase. In fact, if it wasn’t for Nigeria, Heineken would have witnessed a significant decrease in sales.

All of this, then, begs the question, “why are Nigerians consuming more beer in such uncertain times… seems counter-intuitive?

My guess is, being ranked top 10 on the happiness index amongst other countries in Africa, has something to do with it. We’re known for our resilience and good humor. We routinely book-out event centers just to throw parties and have ourselves a grandiose time. I imagine Nigerians being so concerned with maintaining their above status, that they cling and clak their beer bottles together to avoid facing their reality.

As fun as that may be, for some of us that are abroad observing the Nigerian economy, we know, that, some time the party must come to an end….and that my people are gona have to face the inevitable.


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