My friend Veronica was looking super fine today; her luscious brown hair, her tan, and natural beauty all captivated me.
I wonder if someone so beautiful, such as herself, notice her own glow and exquisiteness? I ask, do beautiful people know that they are beautiful? or is it the multiplicity of compliments and awe that affirms the latter?
The latter must be true because when I gave her a compliment on how beautiful the way her windy hair complimented the serenity of the crisp and warm weather—coupled by fancy parents and children rushing to begin the first day of school—-she replied “your crazy, my hair looks horrible.”

Sexy Foods

What is it called when you get sexually aroused by food? I don’t think there’s a word for it, but if there is, I just experienced it.

I was at Aldis food market when it happened. I was thinking about purchasing some bagels, peanut butter, cashews, and then my dick started to fill with blood, and I found myself getting turned on.

My dick was starting to reveal itself in my already tight red pants; not a good thing especially when your out in public. Soon I became so conscious of it that whenever someone would stare at me, up and down, I would instantly feel embarrassed. I kept saying to myself, “not now, not now,” but that didn’t help because the more I browsed through the potentiality of devouring those mouth-watering produce, my dick got harder and I became super turned on.

After countless efforts of me trying to tame my instinctual virtue—with no luck—I finally gave up and allowed nature to do its thing.