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PRESIDENT-ELECT DONALD TRUMP will surely get himself impeached after his first year in office by the collective voices of Americans whom he offended—and is still refusing to acknowledge. And by the way, these are not some irrational speculations or some blind reveries by a former Bernie Sanders supporter—and, because of circumstance, became a surreptitious supporter of Hillary Clinton—no, no, no these speculations are real because they were/and are drawn from the many observations of Trump’s discombobulating, political decisions.

Plus, the reason why I believe that President-elect Trump will be impeached, is because there is only so much a well-informed American public can tolerate from someone as controversial as Donald J. Trump, whom, and only less than a month of being elected president, is already flip-flopping on his original stance and promises—promises like building a wall between us and Mexico, getting rid of Obamacare, and appointing a special prosecutor to look into the misuse of Hillary’s emails and the ill-gotten foundation of her and her husband, Bill Clinton. “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” Trump said, according to the tweets he tweeted just yesterday. “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.”

And when President-elect Trump gets impeached by the people, Vice President Mike Pence will be there waiting to replace him. And although that might not completely be what the people ordered, but, given how the media and some traditional republicans were/are currently favoring Mike Pence over Donald Trump, I believe, at least in the meantime, that they will be contented with such a drastic outcome.

Traditional Republicans and their traditional supporters—-and even some of us on the left—-have long considered Mike Pence to be the “Intellectual,” reasonable, and calmer politician around Donald Trump’s team. And for some strange and unknown reason, we think that Mike Pence would have been a better president-elect than Donald Trump. In fact, as I write this, there’s a push and etherization by some people suggesting that Pence should run for president in 2020. But before we imagine what a Pence presidency would look like, can we ask ourselves; who really is Mike Pence? What are some of his policies, political history, and connections? And can he really be trusted, if and when, he becomes the true 45th president of the United States—-in the event that Trump is impeached, of course, or, in 2020 when he runs for president?

Until he was tapped on the shoulder to be the running mate of Donald Trump, Mike Pence was a governor in Indiana—and a very unpopular one. As governor, he signed into law one of the most controversial bills that the state of Indian had ever seen—-a bill that, according to tourism officials, may have just costed the city of Indianapolis as much as $60 million in lost revenue; The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which essentially, granted corporations the right to deny public accommodations to representatives of the LGBTQ community.

Although that bill sort of blindsided and angered many citizens and some local businesses of Indiana when it was enacted just last year, I feel that the public shouldn’t have been too discombobulated because, back in the year 2000 I found that Mike Pence was on record saying that, “Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexual’s as a ‘discreet and insular minority’ entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities.” And if that wasn’t enough, he also suggested that “An audit,” should be done, “To ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate[d] and encourage[d] the types of behaviors that facilitate[d] the spreading of the HIV virus.”

Insofar, his Anti-LGBTQ legislations, theocratic beliefs, and his unfavorability amongst his own citizens in Indiana is the report card of our Vice president Mike Pence. And just from that alone, I am curious to know; where exactly did we, the American people, get the impression that Mike Pence was “intellectual” and reasonable to begin with? At least with Trump we can paint our political reveries on his blank and constantly changing political canvas, but with Mike Pence, however, we would be screwed because he’s too rigid and set in his ways. In regards to Mike Pence being too monolithic and questionable, I sincerely think the reason why some people may favor Pence’s percieved calmness, cordiality and reasonable gesticulations is because when we look at Trump we see someone who is the complete opposite; brash, loud and braggadocious.

Another key factor for us who may think that Mike Pence would be a better presidential candidate to keep in mind, is that while he was still the governor of Indiana, our Vice President Mike Pence was/and is on record supporting the privatization of public schools—-he helped to relocate more than $50 million dollars from public schools into private charter schools, and, he also tried to sign into law an Anti-abortion bill that would have prevented abortions even in the cases of severe genetic deformities; and, required that the medical waste from those abortions be buried in a cemetery or cremated like a human body. But thankfully, and after months of feverish protest, a federal judge struck down that bill.

In addition to those things, our vice President Mike Pence supports the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, has ties with members of the ‘Alt-right’ group—-a loose group of people with far right ideologies who reject mainstream conservatism—-and supports the ban on immigrants from Muslims countries. In fact, and as we speak, his team; Reince Priebus, General Mike Flynn, Stephen Bannon, Carl Higbie, Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, etc., are in favor of creating a registry of immigrants who come to the US from Muslim countries—-unflinchingly aware of the fact that not only was it one of the worst and grotesque human violations in American history, but that was how we were able to force a lot of Japanese Americans into concentrations camps during World World II. Those were only a few of the things that I managed to discover about our Vice President Mike Pence, but given how lengthy and revolting those things were, I wonder what other skeletons does he have in his closet—-skeletons that would demonstrate that he is and will not be fit to be our next and true Commander and Cheif?

I understand the eagerness and credulity that many Americans may have towards Mike Pence, especially in such politically confusing and dramatic times—-heck, I still think that Bernie will somehow come back to win the presidency and some people, like many computer scientists and election lawyers, want Hillary to challenge the election results because they believe that she can still win—-but, still, it is important for us to not rescue ourselves from any logical inquiries into the type of presidency that Mike Pence would offer us when Donald Trump is impeached. Mike Pence, when he becomes our true 45th president, will, and from the few things that I’ve discovered about him, not be a progressive and reasonable president that we, the people, are hoping for him to someday be.


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