Sasha Obama, Her Summer Gig Is Not So Bad

sasha obama serving food

THE PRESIDENT’S KID, SASHA OBAMA, has been working a summer gig at some restaurant serving guests and waiting tables. According to reports, she’s been seen serving guests in her work uniform as secret service men wait nearby—keeping a watchful eye over her. When I heard about this I didn’t know how to feel about it; should I be happy for her or should I feel sorry for her?

Although famous and never have to worry about finding employment, the Obama’s still want to raise their daughters up as normal as possible. And who can blame them? If your famous and you don’t do so, I would argue that you’re setting your child up for a world of despoiling deviltries.  Take the son of one of NYC’s property moguls, Steven Croman, for example, who’s video went viral after he was caught calling an UBER driver a “minimum wage faggot.” Then, Jack Marrian, the 30-year-old son of some Scotish aristocrat, who was caught—just recently—by the Kenyan Government for trafficking 100kg of cocaine. And of course, he’s denying everything!

Having said that, and although I think it’s a little silly that she’s constantly watched by daddy’s goon-squad, children—rich or poor—having some kind of employment enables them to develop an appreciation for hard work. In view of this, I now actually find myself to be happy for her—-instead of feeling sad or her. Because I know it’s teaching her a valuable lesson—that, and maybe someday, when she running for president, she’ll have something to say that will help her connect with us working-class folks.

Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think about famous people making their kids work for living?

Video of Jake Croman, son of Steven Croman, NYC’s property mogul, calling UBER driver a foul langauge

BBC’s article of 30-year-old Jack Marrian, son of Scottish arisocrat, smuggling 100kg of coocian into Kenya


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