The fist and what It means to me

black lady with fist,me

letter T sonhe Fist and what it means to me is simple and straightforward. It means the end of self-hatred and the beginning of solidarity. This country has always taught us to hate each other, even our own mothers. This strange land, which some of us call home—-lacking the love and passion that forms the pathology of home—is where our ancestors, and now, the contemporary generation, learned to dislike our beauty, traditions, language, and values.

Why is this important to note? its important to note because a lot of children of color, believe that the enemy is their friend. and the reality is far from it. From, the dumping of slaves over-bored during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, to the yesteryear slaying of 18 year Michael Brown—-this ant-black society has always demonstrated the lax concern of affinity with Afrikan and Afrikan-amerikkka’ns alike. Yet, that belief of the oppressor is your friend, exist—so the question is how do you start to scrap generations of induced hatred and self-delusion off the minds of those with that above mentality? One of the ways, more powerful then any gun of the enemy is, the Fist. For, psychologically, it decolonizes the mind—giving you the key that your ancestors could not find in the sweltering heat of oppression, to unlock the chains that were once invisible, but now are visible.

Liberation starts from the mind. And what better way to free the mind then putting your fist up in the air? the answer is that there is none. The fist symbolizes, especially to my young generation, that the time is now. Also, the fist acts a knob to the door of endless possibilities. By putting your fist in the air, you have opened that door—for unity, love, trust, and kinship to flourish. My brothers and sisters, caught up in the frontlines of the enemy’s tanks and advanced weaponry—do not loose hope, for you are not alone. There are hundreds and even thousands of people behind you marching on with their fist in the air, to join you. The trumpet has been blown, and its time for all in this struggle for liberation, to answer the call of duty.

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