VERY RECENTLY IN NORTH CAROLINA, a Donald Trump supporter was spotted at a rally waving around a Hillary Clinton doll that had a noose tied around its neck. When confronted by a reasonable reporter who was curious to know why she was displaying such an effigy; the passionate Trump supporter responded, “it’s just for effect.” But is it, though? I highly doubt it. And although such a display was brushed off as something harmless on the surface by the reporter, however, I feel that below all of that something more problematic may be at play, here.

From the very beginning, Donald Trump has been dog-whistling, hashtag’n, and baiting his more passionate supporters with evocative memes, to do something about Hillary Clinton and the “rigged” system. Back in August Trump said at a rally that “Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish — the second amendment,” by stacking the Supreme Court with pro-gun reform justices—-and that, if she won, there would be nothing they could do about it; except…“Although the second amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know,” he added, to a few cheers from the crowd. On the surface, many people brushed it off as something harmless, but to the people that were/and are “woke,” we saw it as a “Wink Wink” to any would-be assassin of Hillary Clinton. From then to now, I think we have missed our chance to do something about the cataclysmic rhetoric of Donald Trump. In this present moment, I feel that Trump’s problematic consistency has evolved into something so uncontrollable; where now it’s okay to go to a rally with an effigy that has a noose around its neck and not think that its problematic or that such an image may provoke some kind of hostility towards the most vulnerable members of our society.

History shows us that before you can wipe out a group of people deemed socially deposable, or, before you can harm someone without opposition nor social backlash, you have to first create the right volatile atmosphere that is conducive to hate, apathy, and violence. It is no stretch of the imagine when I say that Donald Trump has created such an atmosphere.

Ever since the last presidential debate, where Donald Trump essentially handed Hillary a secured lead with his “I’ll keep you in suspense” remark—–and, depending on what national poll you look at, Donald Trump has been steadily trailing Hillary Clinton by nine to ten points. And specifically, in the battleground states, like Georgia, Iowa, Virgina, North Carolina, ect., Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump; forty-seven percent to Trump’s forty-three percent. Naturally, a lot of his supporters are very upset by this. Like Trump, they believe that not only is the entire political apparatus “rigged,” but, specifically, they also believe that the process of voting is “rigged” as well—-and more importantly, that Hillary is just too much of a liar to ever be granted a chance to be elected as president of the United States.

Although Hillary may be a liar, according to many Trumplicans, I’m sure that they are aware that Trump is far worse than she is, right? I mean, how can you defend or support someone who thinks it’s okay to grab women “by the pussy” solely because he is famous? Or, even better; how can you defend or support someone who’s domestic policy is to deport the children of immigrants—-children, who, due to the 14th amendment back in 1868, which constitutionally recognized the children of immigrants as “birthright citizens,” has more right to be here like anyone else? However ridiculous that may sound to people of decency and compassion, I think one of the reasons why Trumplicans are supporting Donald Trump so passionately, is because they feel like they are becoming a minority. And there is some truth to that. According to the projections from the U.S. census Bureau, in two-thousand-and-fifty minorities (people of color) will be the majority. In that context then, it’s not hard to see why they want Trump to win so badly—-because they see it as their last hope to maintain their identity before it is stripped from them through the natural processes of multiculturalism. Trump, they believe, will reverse multiculturalism and forever keep the white race sacred and at the top of the racial hierarchy. All jokes aside, that aforementioned reverie is so strong that a lot of Trumplicans are willing to do whatever it takes to make it a reality.

For those passionate majority, being ready and prepared to do whatever it takes to prevent the “rigged” system from selecting Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States, is a very/and extremely important thing. In fact, so important, that some of them, has vowed to even carry their guns to some voting places to prevent “voter fraud” and dead-voting. Yes, you heard right; they also believe, after hearing it from Donald Trump, of course, that the deceased are voting, too. If only Trump would have told them the honest truth that, yes,”dead people” may be, indeed, registered to vote but they are certainly not going to be alive to cast their ballot(s) on November eighth—-I think that that would have caused them to change their minds about bringing their firearms to the voting booths.

It’s one thing to believe that the system is “rigged” and that “dead people” are committing voter fraud, but it’s another thing to actually act on that belief with no facts to back it up. According to Lorraine Minnite, a political science professor at Rutgers University-Camden who wrote a book entitled “The myth of the voter Fraud” back in two-thousand-and-ten; “Voter fraud remains rare because it is irrational behavior. You’re not likely to change the outcome of an election with your illegal fraudulent vote because the chances of being caught are there and we have rules to prevent against it.”

Despite that fact, which Trump supporters seem to ignore so professorially, some of them are still passionate about doing all it takes to prevent Hillary from becoming the next president of the United States. From boldly displaying offensive and racially-coded effigies, to vowing to monitor voting places with their guns, I think as we gradually approach election day, which is only eleven days away, we will see more Trumplicans displaying anger and frustration of the “rigged” system. And because we missed our opportunity to nullify such displays in the past, the best thing we can do when it happens is to show them, love. #LoveTrumpshate


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