Upset & feeling vulnerable as F*CK



I am extremely disappointed and upset with my one female friend—not valuing me and communicating like a normal human-being that I’m sharing with you what I wrote to her. Partially, because I am unsure of what to do….and also because I am hoping to spark constructive discourse—-whether or not, I’m over-thinking the situation or whatever else.

This is what I wrote (I haven’t sent this to her, yet):

“I am disappointed in you….you said you were going to call but never did. After we spoke you suggested that you wanted to communicate more but since then your attempts has been lax. I’m aware that your busy; car situation, school, work….for which you need space for. I commend and respect you for all that your engaged in. Also, what’s equally important is that we’re not together, thus not bonded by any conventional etiquette(s) of coupledom….I understand that as well.

However, despite our pseudo-friendship status, some intricacies of affinity still applies, like, communication and having value for the other persons time. Forgive me if these words convey weakness or subtleties of attention-seeking—that’s not my intention. Rather, I wanted to communicate to you how your recent actions caused me great mental trepidation and disappointment. It’s times like these why I often resort to my usual desideratum…..of solitude.

Intellectually, I know and anticipate that your reason or perspective for not reaching-out will be as equally rational and important. And for that, I welcome it. However, after reading this and your content with the way things are, then that is quite alright as well.”


Your King, Lewuga


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