Visitors are like a piece of heaven around here. Mad or un-mad, we all love when our visitors come and visit us. For some, they maintain our sanity and mental health, and for others they further extend our insanity and delusional contingencies.

Visiting hours are from 1pm-2pm and from 6pm-8pm; visitors are required to put their belongings in a private locker before visiting. My best friend lee, his mother and my brothers came with a piece of heaven; their obvious happiness, their ear to ear smiles of hope, a book, a Twix bar and cinnamon flavored bagels with strawberry cream cheese from Tim Horton. While other visitors came with cigarettes and questionable contraband. Although, the psychiatric center made it plain and clear that visitors should not bring anything contraband-relating, to visiting hours—–some visitors choose to ignore the latter.

Ultimately, the ignorance of the latter caused us to loose some visiting privileges that we enjoyed. Now, something such as visiting—meant to bring a ray of sunshine and hope—now brings supervision and limited social mobility.

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